Powerhold LVT Countryside Square Nose 300 - Briarsmoke
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Briarsmoke Adjustable Stair Nose 059

Powerhold LVT Accessories are a collection of High Performance Core (HPC) accessories for use in conjunction with Powerhold LVT HPC, HDC, Glue Down and Loose Lay LVT flooring products. Powerhold LVT Accessories are species and/or color coordinated with all Powerhold LVT flooring colors and patterns to provide a uniform appearance and appealing design aesthetic when accessories are needed. Powerhold LVT Accessories include t-moldings, stair nosings, reducers and a variety of other accessory pieces to complement any installation. Powerhold LVT Accessories are made in the U.S.A.


Collection Trims
Installation Glue Down, Loose Lay
Length 94"
Acclimation Time 24 Hours
Acclimation Conditions 65° – 85° F